Request for Proposals: Title X Evaluation

Proposal Due Date: August 31st, 2022 at 11:59 pm  

Project Overview: 

Converge was founded in 2018 to expand access to quality, person-centered family planning care for all people. Converge is Mississippi’s Title X grantee. The goal of Converge’s Title X program is to ensure all Mississippians, especially low-income people, have access to quality, person-centered family planning services and related services when and where they need them. In order to achieve this goal, Converge is participating in a systematic evaluation of Title X clinical operations as well as patient experiences. 

Scope of Work and Project Goals: 

Converge is seeking proposals for an evaluation plan to conduct formative audience research among key stakeholders and target audience members. The overarching goal of this project is to understand clinical implementation climate and factors related to Title X utilization. Understanding organizational culture and climate around innovation and evidence-based practice is necessary in order to successfully implement new approaches. More specifically, understanding an organization’s implementation climate can provide insight to barriers and facilitators when developing strategies to implement evidence-based practice. Previous research indicates several barriers to uptake of innovations and programs, such as Title X, including lack of adequate resources and trainings, administrative barriers such as lack of defined leadership, and large variations between clinical sites (e.g., FQHCs, community-based health centers, etc.). 

In order to address these barriers and understand potential facilitators, it is critical to engage target audience members in formative research. This research will inform a long-term strategic plan for implementing evidence-based practice and improving health care services among Title X clinics. Awardees will be granted a $100,000 budget to execute a proposed evaluation plan. Submitted proposals should demonstrate achievement of the following goals: 

  1. Assessment of Title X clinic implementation climate in order to implement future trainings and innovations. Converge’s Title X clinic network includes community health centers and nonprofit clinics across Mississippi.
  2. Assessment of factors related to Title X service utilization among clinic staff, providers, and patients. 
  3. Assessment of factors related to uptake of Title X funding and subsequent utilization. 
  4. An assessment of the patient experience of visiting Title X clinics for services, including the factors before, during, and after the visit that influenced the quality of care. 

Proposals should be comprehensive in nature and at minimum seek input from the following target audiences: Title X clinic staff, providers, administrators, and patients seeking and/or receiving family planning services. 

Submission Requirements: 

Proposals should include the following items: 

  1. A well-developed evaluation plan to conduct formative audience research with appropriate target audience members and stakeholders. 
  2. Biographies of key project personnel. 
  3. A projected timeline for proposal completion. 
  4. A proposed budget necessary to complete the evaluation plan with the allocated funding. 
  5. Submission should be submitted in PDF format to the following email address:

Evaluation Metrics and Criteria: 

Proposals will be evaluated based on completeness, thoroughness and achievement of submission requirements. Preference will be given to proposals that include a mixed-methods (e.g., quantitative and qualitative measurement) and an implementation and dissemination sciences approach (e.g., utilize relevant frameworks). 

Questions concerning this solicitation should be emailed to Converge’s Director of Measurement, Learning and Evaluation: Ellie Smith at