GetPersonal Telehealth Services Are Now Available


Free or low-cost reproductive telehealth services now available through GetPersonal

(JACKSON, MS) – Today, Converge is excited to launch GetPersonal, a free or low-cost telehealth service, in partnership with Twentyeight Health. Converge is a Mississippi based organization dedicated to ensuring Mississippians have access to high-quality, person-centered sexual and reproductive health care when, how, and where they need it – regardless of their insurance status or where they live.

GetPersonal works to ensure all Mississippians have access to birth control by providing confidential online doctor evaluation without an in-person doctor’s office visit required. In a few simple steps and after an online consultation with a doctor, individuals will be shipped up to a year’s supply of birth control (pill, patch, ring, or shot) safely and confidentially. After individuals get their birth control, they’ll have access to messaging with a doctor for up to one year.

“Currently, too many Mississippians lack access to reproductive health care and must overcome immense financial and logistical barriers to obtain care such as taking time off work, paying for travel and childcare, and more to make a single doctor’s appointment. At Converge we’re dedicated to breaking down these barriers and GetPersonal will make reproductive health care a reality for more people in Mississippi,” said Jamie Bardwell, Co-Director of Converge.

To ensure Mississippians are covered between doctor’s appointments, individuals can order a free Reproductive Health Kit. Kits include emergency contraception, sexual and reproductive health items such as menstrual products, condoms, and pregnancy tests. The kits will be delivered in discreet packaging to individuals’ doorsteps.

“We are driven by the needs of our patients. We’re here for you and will make sure you’re prepared and have the care you need, where you need it. When people can access the sexual reproductive health care they deserve, they can live their life on their own terms,” said Danielle Lampton, Co-Director of Converge.

To access free or low-cost telehealth services through GetPersonal visit Personally.Care/GetPersonal, to order a free Reproductive Health Kit visit Personally.Care/kit, or to find in-person care near you visit