Our Story

Friends. Daughters. Mothers. Instigators.

Converge was co-founded by two Mississippi women with many labels but a shared vision for what could be: what if all people, no matter where they live, whom they love, what they look like, or how much money they have could access family planning care that’s right for them? What if health care providers could increase the quality of family planning care without hurting their financial bottom line?

We’re not a contraceptive access project. We aren’t trying to increase the number of women using any particular contraceptive method. We’re not a research project. We are a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring all people can access high quality family planning care when they need it, how they need it and where they live.

Converge was born in Mississippi, based on the belief that Mississippians deserve the best in their family planning health care. Just like everyone else. The principles, vision, and work of Converge are universal and transferable beyond Mississippi.

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All people have access to quality, affordable family planning care. 

Our Commitment to Addressing Systemic Racism

To learn more about how we are addressing systemic racism in reproductive health care, please click here.


Converge collaborates with health care providers, insurance companies, and community partners to build a health care system that places people at the center of family planning care. 


Jamie Bardwell, Co-Founder jbardwell@convergems.org

Danielle Lampton, Co-Founder dlampton@convergems.org

Jitoria Hunter, Director of External Affairs jhunter@convergems.org

Tonya Adams, Chief Financial Officer tadams@convergems.org

Denise Diaz, Director of Clinical Services ddiaz@convergems.org

Jazamine Hoskins, Program Coordinator jhoskins@convergems.org

April Banks, Financial Compliance Specialist abanks@convergems.org

Mara Scott-Campbell, Communications Manager mcampbell@convergems.org

Ellie Smith, PhD, Director of Measurement, Learning and Evaluation esmith@convergems.org

Renata Hughes, MSN, RN, WHHP-BC, Clinical Compliance Manager rhughes@convergems.org


Natasha Hardeman, MD

Lakeland Premier Women’s Clinic

Alicia Netterville, JD

Deputy Director

ACLU of Mississippi

Florence Bauer, CPA, CHFP

Senior Manager


Madeline T. Morcelle, JD, MPH (Board Chair)

Staff Attorney

National Health Law Program

Washington, D.C.

Linda Dixon, JD

Health Law Director

Mississippi Center for Justice

Danielle Lampton

Jamie Bardwell

Our 2020 IRS 990 filing can be found here.