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Our vision is of a healthcare system where all people have access to quality, affordable, person-centered family planning care.

Reproductive Health as a System

We see the reproductive health system as a web of interconnected roles, each with an opportunity to make care more person-centered. This complex system includes stakeholders such as payers (public and private insurance companies), providers (from clinicians to front desk staff), policymakers, advocates, and government (federal, state, and local).  Converge works with stakeholders at each stage in order to improve the system for everyone.

Title X Family Planning Program

Converge is the Title X grantee for the state of Mississippi, receiving $4.5 million from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to support a network of health clinics to provide quality family planning care to Mississippians, particularly those who are very low income.

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We offer training courses to health providers with the latest best practices in providing person centered family planning care. Through multi-site learning collaboratives, one-on-one consulting, or our self-paced Converge Connect virtual classes, we offer providers innovative new ways to ensure you are providing quality care to your patients.

Services for Health Care Providers and Clinics

Advocates & Funders

What does success for a person-centered contraceptive access project look like? Converge convened organizations and individuals for ReDefining Quality, a group of state & national partners collectively answering this question. The resulting statement is intended to be a catalyst that inspires action to remake the way we assess patients’ experience reproductive and contraceptive care in a way that affirms and empowers equity and personal autonomy.

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The patient is ultimately central to the healthcare experience. Empowered patients treated with dignity receive better outcomes for themselves and for our society. We’ve created Personally to bring information directly to patients to help them make informed decisions that best suit their lives. Personally features the first clinic locator with a filter for various patient preferences (birth control available on-site, telehealth options, etc.) We’ve also created the Patient Experience Council (PXC) to serve as a catalyst for change in the system. Converge weaves learning from the PXC into each of our activities, helping each audience become more person-centered.

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Converge Connect Training

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Provides training for health center staff that promote best practices in family planning care. In the past 12 months Converge has offered 8 trainings that reached 435 health care professionals in Mississippi. Topics of trainings include the following:

  • Stocking a broad range of contraceptive methods
  • Providing patient-centered contraceptive counseling
  • Developing systems for same-visit provision of all contraceptive methods
  • Utilizing diverse payment options and improved reimbursement policies to ensure sustainability of clinical practice
  • Title X rules and regulations

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