Packard Foundations Highlights Converge Co-Founders

March 2024


Paying homage during Women’s History Month, the Packard Foundation highlighted the work of various woman-led organizations in which they partner and support. Converge is proud to say Co-Founders/ Co-Executive Directors were among the list of admirable women.

Just like Converge, the Packard Foundation is committed to advancing gender equity and reproductive rights globally. Author Caroline Roffee stated, “In this future, women are not just beneficiaries of change, but the head architects of what comes next. We know that this future is possible because we see it evident ever day in the remarkable women we partner with. When we ask ourselves what the future we envision looks like, it’s a simple answer…..”

Caroline was right; It looks like Jamie and Danielle, two friends who took matters in their own hands to improve the reproductive healthcare system for Mississippians. Jamie and Danielle saw the problems at the health department and in 2018, Converge was born. Since then, the organization has continued to flourish fighting for quality sexual and reproductive healthcare for those in Mississippi and now Tennessee.

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