Patient Experience Council

Converge Patient Experience Council

Converge is creating the Patient Experience Council (PXC) to give voice to the experience that patients have in the system of care for reproductive and family planning health.

From insurance, to interactions with health providers, to birth control or family planning preferences, Converge believes that patients should be able to access the care that works for them where and when they want it.

Patient Experience Council

The Council will meet monthly to share experiences and learn how to harness their voice to improve the system of care.

The experiences voiced in the Council will drive all of Converge’s work on systems change. In working with funders, insurers, and providers, Converge will empower patients to make their voice heard in the arenas where that can make a difference and improve the access & experience for patients everywhere.


  • Actively participate and engage in virtual learning sessions 
  • Provide insightful feedback about family planning experiences 
  • Partner with Converge staff to create PXC led projects  
  • Interact with healthcare professionals through trainings, learning sessions and evaluation processes  
  • Respect all members’ opinions, time, and confidentiality 


Advisors will receive compensation for their participation throughout the year.  

Topics & Activities

  • Participate in a collaborative storytelling experience that intentionally captures lived experiences of accessing family planning services in Mississippi 
  • Describe the challenges of finding a family planning health care provider that is affordable and provides quality care 
  • Describe the experience of trying to access and use health insurance  
  • Co-develop, with Converge staff, an assessment tool for clinics to determine if their clinic is providing quality care for patients  
  • Create projects that are focused on areas of interest by PXC members  

Make Your Voice Heard

Are you willing to use your experience to speak up for someone else? You may be the perfect fit for our Patient Experience Council.

Take the survey to start getting involved. Please email Jitoria Hunter at with questions.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable speaking with your health provider? Are you willing to use your experience to speak up for someone else?
Jitoria Hunter
Jitoria Hunter – Director of External Affairs