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Request for Information (RFI) for Converge’s Tennessee Title X Project

Converge is seeking information from qualified non-profit health care organizations in Tennessee to provide high quality, comprehensive family planning clinical and education services, as well as outreach.

Converge was founded in 2018 to expand access to quality, person-centered family planning care for all people. Since April 2022, Converge has served as Mississippi’s Title X grantee. Converge was awarded $3.9M in 2023 to support Title X services in Tennessee.

The objective of this Request for Information (RFI) is to identify qualified non-profit or publicly funded health care organizations, such as a hospital-based clinics, community health centers, county health departments, or family planning specialty agencies, that have the experience providing comprehensive family planning clinical services. Services must be provided in accordance with Section 1001 of the Title X Act and all applicable federal regulations, as amended in Title X 42 C.F.R., subpart A, Part 59 as well as all applicable state and federal regulations.

Interested parties are invited to complete this RFI. Responses will be reviewed on a rolling basis and additional information may be requested. Converge will award planning grants to qualified clinics who would like to provide Title X services starting in April 2024. Submission does not guarantee the receipt of Title X funding. Questions may be directed to Annabel Henley, Title X Director for Tennessee (

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